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Zetec Blacktop Alternator Fitting Kit



Zetec Blacktop Alternator Fitting Kit
Kit components:1 x 4942056 - Alternator plate1 x 2945156 - Alternator belt 2L Blacktop1x x 2942126B - Alternator bracket Zetec R1 x 1416143 - Spacer idler pulley Zetec R1 x 1417132 - Spacer idler pulley short1 x 1470189B - Mounting plate idler pulley1 x 2943038 - Pulley1 x 2943011 - Idler pulley1 x 6811010 - M10 Lock washer single1 x 6823UTO - M10 washer1 x 8155450 - M10x45 socket cap bolt1 x 8111800 - M10x 80 hex head bolt6 x 6802801 - M8 plain washer1 x 6811008 - M8 washer lock singe coil4 x 71230008 - M8 x 1.25 nyloc nut1 x 8111308 - M8 x 30 hex head 1 x 8111358 - M8x35 hex head bolt3 x 8111408 - M8x40 hex head bolt1 x 8165840 - M8x40 special cap head


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