Complete Kit Car review the Westfield Mega S2000

“Following in the footsteps of the top spec Mega Busa and SEiGHT, Westfield’s latest Mega S2000 brings all the chassis sophistication of the company’s turnkey Sport Turbo to the kit car masses, and then some.”

What we can reveal right here, right now, is that this is far more than just an engine upgrade… what you are looking at is perhaps the most important new kit form Westfield to come out of the factory in decades.Why? Because in much the same way as F1 tech can trickle down into our daily runabouts, so some of the engineering know-how that went into the all new Sport Turbo is now finding its way back into Westfield’s kit cars…

It looks brilliantly minimal…

Powdercoated black aluminium panelling is left untrimmed, save for rubber matting on the floor. The dash is a simple carbon effect flat panel with two rocker switches, three toggle switches and some small buttons to control the Race Technology dash unit. But it’s not all stark simplicity – where untrimmed fibreglass bucket seats might seem logical, the factory has fitted its Sport Turbo seats, which are fantastically comfortable and supportive.

Once installed in the cockpit, initial impressions are focused on the generous cockpit length, wide footwell and consequently well-spaced pedals. A tall gear lever falls beautifully to hand, just a palm width away from the steering wheel.

Mega S2000 Interior

Mega S2000 VTEC Engine
Using the unit from the S2000 means an already inline configuration (as opposed to transversely located units in the Civic Type R etc) and a terrific 6-speed gearbox transmitting power to the rear wheels.

It’s an engine that justifies all the acclaim that heads its way. Naturally aspirated, it delivers around 240bhp with a maximum rev limit at a heady 8000rpm. It is still the most powerful naturally aspirated 2-litre engine to reach regular production, ever!

Lift the SEiGHT bonnet away and the new installation is simplicity itself. If the Sport Turbo is a feat of packaging wizardry, here there’s little to distract your eyes from the bold VTEC wording emblazoned on the cam cover.

The Honda engine sounds smooth and contained at tick-over, exiting through a catalysed exhaust system (included in the main kit package) that’s IVA friendly but pleasingly throaty.

The engine is unmodified from its donor, save an oil change and the fitment of a Westfield baffled sump (only really needed for when it heads trackside). Complete with the stock 6-speed gearbox, it’s typically a £2500 second-hand purchase which usually includes the original ECU.

“Possibly the fastest production Westfield we’ve ever experienced.”

…the ride is sublime…

It’s an effortless mix of soft and supple comfort that seemingly has no detrimental effect on handling when pushing on later. The lightweight Reynolds tubing, high quality dampers and well chosen spring rates all combine to superlative effect that’s largely unmatched by other sevenesque competitors. We’d say it’s unquestionably one of the defining features of the new chassis package.

But what’s under the bonnet is pretty special. You might think that a cocktail of stratospheric revs and a naturally aspirated 2-litre engine would result is a lacklustre performance at the lower end of the scale… a car that only gets up and goes when you’re working it hard. It’s rather better than that…Even at low revs the VTEC sounds great and pulls with obvious potential – you’re very aware of what this car can do.

Going through town there’s a worry that the 6-speed box is so low geared as to make first and second redundant…you can cruise in sixth from seemingly very low speeds. But it all makes sense when you are in the clear. Out in the countryside there’s always a gear to match your requirements. The lever has a short throw from one cog to the next, and its location so close to the steering wheel is an utter joy.

It’s mighty, and possibly the fastest production Westfield we’ve ever experienced, and that’s only made possible by the complete assurance given to the driver by the chassis, suspension, steering and brakes.

The steering too, is a strong feature of this car. Ultra sticky Toyo Proxes R1-R tyres are turned by what appears to be a particularly quick steering rack and while that makes the steering surprisingly heavy at slow speeds, it’s a great combo when pushing on. The S2000 brims with grippy confidence, turns in with complete accuracy and offers extraordinary levels of grip.

The engine is a dream and the easiest component to sum up… once you’ve experienced it, nothing else will do – end of. And the kit itself is also an easy one to place…

Mega S2000 Suspension Mega S2000 Alloy Wheels Mega S2000 Rear View

it’s the best Westfield we’ve driven – ever.

“It succeeds perfectly in taking the essential components from the Sport Turbo which relate to the driving experience, and refining them into a more focused package that’s ideally suited to the kit car builder”.


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