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Mountney Steering Wheel recall notice

In line with company policy we are notifying you of a highlighted issue that has been brought to our attention. The issue concerns the Mountney Classic Steering Wheel.

Download the Product Recall Notice

Servicing your Westfield

To keep your Westfield in tip top shape we recommend you bring it back to where it was born and let the people who know Westfield’s best look after it.

At Westfield we will ensure your car is maintained at the highest level possible at all times and only use genuine designed and approved Westfield parts by highly trained Westfield technicians.

Whether you use your car for weekend drives, occasional Track Days or Motorsport we will be able to offer you a full maintenance package, if your car is new then any modifications we offer will not invalidate your warranty.

Standard Service Packages

  • General Servicing and routine maintenance
  • MOT’s available while you wait (pre appointment required)
  • General repair work including body repairs
  • Factory approved performance tuning & upgrades
  • Build completions
  • Track Day and Race preparation & support
  • IVA check over and IVA and registration
  • Computerised suspension tuning
  • Corner weighting
  • Performance tyres supply and fitting
Due to the bespoke nature of our vehicles prices on the above services are best discussed with the service department who will arrange for a full quotation for labour and any parts required before commencing the work.

To discuss your requirements with an advisor please call

Ian Galloway on 01384 408243


To ensure your vehicle maintains its warranty, please ensure you use only genuine Westfield parts and Westfield Authorised Dealers to fit them.

Who can maintain and upgrade your Westfield better than Westfield Sports Cars…
…the answer – NO ONE!

Westfield Service and Support
Servicing and maintenance
Tuning and upgrades
Westfield Service and Support
General and body repairs
Build completions
IVA check and registration
Westfield Service and Support
Track day and race prep
Suspension tuning
Performance tyres


Online Help

Digital Dash Support

Online help for the Digital Dash is available here…

Help with your Westfield

You can ask us technical questions regarding your Westfield here
A member of our Technical Team will contact you shortly


Factory Support / Service

Our team of experts is on hand to help with any advice you may be need with your Westfield. For further details please contact us, during office hours, using either of the following methods:


phone-2 +44 (0) 1384 408243